Oven Repair

Is this familiar? You were about to bake a new set of cookies or even warm the one that is frozen only for your oven not to come on, or it’s not getting hot or the door is not even closing. Don’t be scared. If you live in Auburn, contact us at John’s Appliance Company and arrange for us to come and check it out. One of our professional and well-trained men will be sent over to you.

We have garnered experience over the years as an appliance repair tech not just in ovens alone, but also stoves of different brand. This means that we have technicians that can handle any problem your oven has, no matter the brand or type.


Your oven could have a lot of things that are wrong with it. You might need to buy a new gaskets or thermostat, there might be something wrong with the igniting circuitry, you might need to fix the door or the cooktop’s pilot light might go off.

You might prefer to use DIY repairs instead of going with the experts, but it is best you leave the repairs to the professionals when it comes appliances like oven. It’s not a bad thing to do some little repairs by yourself, this is only if you know what you’re doing and you’re not trying to fix the issue by doing trial and error.

Because a lot of people believe that it’ll save them money, they decide to fix their appliances on their own. Regrettably, it’s not always the true. It will cost your even more when you don’t fix it well, and the experience can get stressful when things are not done well.

Your safety is also important because 20% of deaths due to electricity are caused by appliances. This is why it is important for the safety of those around you and yours that you get a technician who knows all the safety precautions.


Oven not heating

Check your oven if it is heating, if it’s not, check that your breaker has not tripped if it’s electricity or if it is a gas stove, check the pilot light. If there is power, your heating elements might be bad and needs to be changed. It’s not so simple like that. You might need to change your grill element if your grill is not functioning but its heating element is.

The oven thermostats or safety might have broken down if none of these components are having issues. One of the thermal fuses might have blown. There’s no confusing answer when it comes to repair, it’s either it can be easily fixed or not.


It’s either the runner or hinges are bad if the door of your oven is not locking well, they can be changed for a new one or realigned if they are the problem. The door seal might be damaged if it’s not the hinges, and this will prevent the door from closing well.

Your self-cleaning latches might be the issue if your oven self-cleans, this means the door will not open. The cleaning sequence will not be complete, if this happens.


Your oven can get overheated and get your food burnt if the thermostat is bad or the built-in sensors have been destroyed. Do not try to fix it yourself if the oven is very hot.


Your oven can last for not more than 10 years, whether it is built-in, range, single or double oven. If it is getting old, we’ll advice you to get a new one instead of fixing it. We’ll help you with a cost-effective one at that. Whether it is repair or installation, we can do it for you. Contact us now.