Brands We Repair

In our bid to make our company one of the most sort after appliance repair shop in Auburn, we’ve worked on a lot of big brands of equipment and are up to date on their latest production and tech. Some things you need to know about these brands:


This brand of appliance is based in the UK and their aim is to produce appliances that helps improve standard of living by making things easy. Their products are not useless also. They submit more than 900 patents every year, it’s safe to say that they’re really making a huge difference in the appliance industry. Bosch is well known for their quality products and also their beautiful designs.


This company worth millions has its head office in Boston and different departments, starting from finance, power, and healthcare among other things. GE machines which is one of their many divisions, is one appliance brand that is at the forefront of others.

They produce dishwashers, washing machines, heating systems, dryers, filtration, AC’s and freezers. Not only do they make things, they revolutionize. From ranges that are self-cleaning to refrigerators that made coffee. GE is well known for their amazing new ideas of appliances all over the world. 150 years of history for that matter.


This company is a popular brand and they are known for their 10-year warranty on all their appliances. The fact that the warranty is long tells us a lot about the durability of their appliances. They work with repairers that are dependable and good at their job like us. They produce, dryers, washers and a lot of appliances in the kitchen.


This Korean owned company is an international brand situated in Seoul. They are linked to some sections, but their main affiliate is Samsung Electronics. They’re involved in the production of a lot of things from vacuum cleaners to cellphones. Their machines includes washing machines, good refrigerators, ovens, ranges, cooking appliances, air conditioners and a host of others.


Frigidaire is a combination of style and performance, giving you a long line of household appliances. They have different types of refrigerators for your liking, starting from French-door to compact. They have a lot of stoves and ranges which includes induction, gas and electric. They also have water filtration systems, dryers, air conditioners, washers and laundry centers.


We’re not going to write out the motto on their website, the aim of LG is to make life good. Their kind of appliances are they types that is focused at helping you do your laundry better, making your work easier in the kitchen, leaving your home neat and making it a better place for you and yours.

Appliances like vacuum cleaners, washers, refrigerators, air conditioners, a combination of washer and dryer, dishwashers and dryers are what they sell.


Kenmore has been producing amazing home appliances that are good for long while now. The fact that their products are well known for its effectiveness and performance is what pushes them to manufacture appliances that have great features. They have a lot of products for your choosing, as well as all the main home appliances out there.


Viking is also owned by Midddleby Corporation who are the biggest producers of commercial kitchen appliances all over the world, which is a big advantage for Viking. They are unique because of their production of commercial appliances (one is made especially for restaurants alone) for your household. They home equipment are ice machines, ranges, dishwashers, ovens, ventilation, cooktops and refrigerators.

No matter the brand you go for, there’s no assurance that it will always work well and when they start having issues, that’s when you need John’s Appliance Company, we are very reliable and will get your appliances fixed in no time. Contact us now to get going.